BackTalk (2015)

I woke to the sunset

my clothes are wet

I want to be held at gunpoint for my vows

I don’t give a fuck about grace

you can paint it on a page

I’m selling points

like a sword factory

I’ll make it work

like unemployed glue

I’m a jug of wine

like all the time

I’m chasing with water

because I’m trashy

Everything is booze

I’m cold when the wind blows

I crash my car and fail my tests

I need family

but have none left

My wife is the only one

that I’ll never lose

7 billion racists

7 billion sexists

7 billion child worshippers

7 billion thieves

7 billion fanatics

7 billion fascists

7 billion nationalists

7 billion perverts

7 billion typers

Everyone’s race is right

Everyone’s gender is right

Everyone’s children are right

Everyone’s money is right

Everyone’s religion is right

Everyone’s policies are right

Everyone’s nation is right

Everyone’s sex is right

and Everyone wants to tell you about it

I’m slow when I’m hypnotized

talk me off the ledge

I’m a warrior in the cage

when I strike out

I’m becoming like the flood

I’m atrophy

the symphony

What you crave

is what you need

Laying on the floor

for my heartless deeds

I’m a malignant narcissist

I just want this to be over

I never wanted

to be fucked up by a hangover

while my brain runs dry

And even with all the lines that I missed

I wish

I had a home that I didn’t hate

I think I’ll go sit in the window

so the landlady can watch me

because she is going to anyway

Heavy industry

The smell of asphault and steel

cologne the broken street

Shadows of clouds

move down the railroad tracks

like a silhouette train

Engines and machines

scream over powerlines

I’m a hitchhiker

of a dream

I’m a seed

that flourishes in the inhospitable

I can make it

through forgotteness

I’ve made it through much worse

than curses and opinions

Dead leaves fall from trees

and fly away from safety

I hate routine of any kind

working, drinking, losing

I never despise

loving my wife

I’m going down

the wrong side of a knife

But it makes me twice as powerful

twice as brave

Twice the ghost

twice the slave

I’m asking

for my own tragedy

No matter if I’m the good guy

or the bad guy

I’m still the guy

you can’t keep your fucking eyes off of me

People are brave

when they are cornered

Everything I smoke

is filled with chemicals

My whole head

is an abscess

I’m pacing

but actually making an effort

Drinking is driving me sober

it’s boring as fuck

I hear fans and occasional traffic

The autumn plays a song

and the clock does the vox

My teeth ache

and I’m sweaty and cold

paying for favors for a free craze

They use my name to get over

or get undone

Then keep stories like truths

and tell them to their loved ones

I got India calling me

I’ll be there soon baby

keep on reading

I always go where I’m needed

I know the language of any instrument

Be it bansuri or bass guitar

Whether they are calling from Delhi or Manipur

like a good crook

I’ll be there

I’m connected to the circuit

I won’t break it

The alcohol can’t be gone

fly away to another cup

I loved god

and people are jealous

Let me pass

all of my sins

Couldn’t one lie

be just a laugh

for a final exam

I’m supposed to sit

in a cold room

and wait on a divorce

My mind is in the pulpit

cock full of sin

All I can think about

is an escape

I should’ve thought about that

before I had a good time

I gulp down poison

that’s how I spit back


Road Warrior II (2015)

Like smoke from a genie bottle

I’m here in Cincy, Queen City

I came out of the sewer like a rocket

from Summit Mall from Houston from Cape C

Here I am meeting sole mates

for the first time

If I had the money

I’d be in Cincinnati

But I’m just a 3rd floor kid

The moves are steep

And even though

the rent is cheap

I’ve got nothing to eat

and end up getting evicted eventually

We are just 3rd floor kids

If I had a car

I’d be in Cincinnati

But I’m just a 3rd floor kid

I’m too far

Akron is a million miles away on foot

And I’d save up

and go without

But I’m barely under a roof

We’re just 3rd floor kids

If I was free

I’d be in Cincinnati

But I am just a 3rd floor kid

I’m always tied down

By school by a job

by a woman by law

And I’d like to say that

I’d make it anyway

But I get sick without my medicine

We’re just 3rd floor kids

Farmlands turn into

Glass City

The bridge bleeds

into the Maumee

Wedding party music plays

across the bay

The police

hate the Boosie concertgoers

I’m on the river

I’m in its waves

I’m at the galleries

They can’t believe

that my love cannot be taken from me

I’ve got a Detroit reputation

and a stable full of sin

I wasn’t meant for a leash

I love being stared at

I’m a daydrive of jealousy

I’ve got a Detroit reputation

I’m attracted to myself

and no one else

I can’t get a woman

cause I’ve got motor breath

I’ve got a Detroit reputation

I can’t be a lover

because I was a street fighter?

I wasn’t meant for death

I ain’t burnt nothing

I ain’t robbed anybody

Just a killer

protecting my family

I’ve got a Detroit reputation

I’m San Quintin on the beach

funny like a factory

I’m done and filled with cum

and didn’t make a penny

It doesn’t make sense to me

I can’t work for Packard

but I should support them socially?

I’d rather be in the Silverdome

getting my gold stolen from me

I need relief from work

I’m unemployed and abandoned

I’m a 21st century yesterday

Because my forehead is seething

but it’s the end

Demons love my property

but I defend

Don’t know if I’m in Akron

or Charleston

You’re a servant to my art

like mannequin

I gotta carry you

like weights from my mother

Can’t stab can’t feel

what’s right behind you

I’m a real hood

that’s been sued

My notebook

something that can’t be forgotten

Like we ain’t seen gold

like we ain’t been rolled

Lacy is my chariot

a goddess on my mattress

Better sleep with one eye open

in Charleston

West Virginia

gonna try to get up in ya


I overdrink like a clogged sink

makes me flood on kids that are complacent

It sends me to a state

that’s not suitable for companionship

2 bootstrings on the same side

I start this boat like a driveby

I’m a fucking embarrassment

Piece of white trash I’m establishment

piss on the carpet like I’m government

the cops suck my dick like its first amendment

I’m not talking sense

fuck your opinion

I’ll get in your veins

like dope through syringes

Be a real Cleveland bitch

like a stopsign you’ve been through this

Find a place East or West

where they have ambulances

projects that failed and abandonment

I’ll bet we’ve been there

Detroit or Cleveland

Toledo or Cincy

Charleston Buffalo or Toronto

we’re at the beach drinking with hydro

I’m in the Maryland sky

speaking Baltimore jive

I married my Marilyn

now I’m rooftop swimming

I’m in the shadows of the Lord

Not alone in my nightmares anymore

so I’m fighting with a sword

Never cared before it was just me

and I was wanted with no reward

They could just yank me up

and throw me in the drunk tank

Put me in the hole

and throw away the key

Haul me in

ride me out

I was never in love before

I lied about it

Sirens never stop here

emergency management

Peep shows and liquor stores

you don’t know the half of it

I’m a high end slut

with a big white butt

I’ve been fast and I’ve been stuck

in big city traffic lines

My wife is somebody

that gets me high everytime

East coast I boast

I’m ripping up something I don’t fit in

I gotta look Detroit tough

in my Baltimore blues

I’m a Cleveland snob

with some fucked up rules

I get in different moods

when I’m in different shoes

I’m like a junky Christ

strung up on a wire fence for the communist

Oh holy mother

I don’t have a father

I’m sewn up like I don’t need

what I want anymore

I’m an old school gangster

living a new life

I’m in Capitol City

with my young wife

We’re swerving through

6 lanes of traffic

The SS blocks off the street

when we come through

The White House

is in our GPS history

I got Lincoln and Jefferson

in my pockets

All of the politicians on the hill

work for me

I am station

in Steel City

I am station

in the rain

I am station

slowly headed home

I am station

I have to say it out loud

before I can think it out

I am station

I am 3 rivers

I am a gold digger

I am station

I’m stuck in the skyline

I can’t find the forest

I am station

A myth on the highway

a vacation on fire

I can find my way around anything

I am station

I’m blind anticipation

in a federal state of mind

A court date is just a suggestion

I am station

I’m worth my every vow

I’m seated on the throne

every factory is my home

I’m dripping sweat

because I’m a pervert for knowledge

I don’t care

if I step into something I can’t get out of

I’m at the waterfall of angels

I can’t cross the country lines

because I’ll die

If I take the bridge

they won’t let me back in

Invalid brains are writing laws

that I can’t comprehend

Why is that the norm

fuck the commissary

I love hiding in the sky

I’m a Dayton flyer

I’ll enjoy it now

jet set until I crash

I’ll remember being up

when I fall

I’ll never forget being down

when I’m on top

There are rainbows in the 5 rivers

just before the hour

I’m with the one I love

Mad ‘n’ Miami

My wife is a bomber

in a crimson jeep


like she has kids to feed

I’m on the airstrip

baby I got bridges to burn

See me like I’m going to be

in a missile on top of the world

Now we’re onto Bomb City

I know it don’t sound pretty

Maybe we’ll get a tune-up

and die like holograms

We hopped the fence into the garden

always trespassers of corporation limits

Drinking beer at the Butler

student of the midyear show

I fake my way around the waterfall

another wedding we walk through

Panorama of forgotteness

the sirens are playing games with curfew

Memories swim around the Ohio One building

like clouds in the steel sky

400 miles to the Big Apple

I look at my reflection a 100 times

It’s a miracle that we haven’t been

stuck in a car bomb yet

The cubist landscape the luster of rust

scarecrows in the light wander they must

The reputation of Youngstown runs into the sewers of the street

gone away like failed belief

Inlet of insecurity

skylines die for the right price

That is Cleveland geography

spoke the truth but lied to me

Wheel of observation

we stand on topography


with an operating system

That’s creep photography

peeping in on an explosion

We can’t complain about talent

best there is like the conglomerates

I always wanna follow

in the path of skid marks on the highway

Follow somebody

that crashed real dangerously

Gem city awaits me

its my no matter what destiny

Going into the guts of the Earth

abusing the heart that they carved out

The walls are rock

(aren’t they always?)

that looks like treebark

As the clouds of factory smoke

make footprints with skulls of wannabe souls

Cursive is provacative

I sleep alone

when I’m sexy

I’ve had memories of bad dreams

so many feelings held against me

Like a courtcase or epilepsy

they howl loud in the darkness

I just want want my wife to come back

like a lovely boomerang

I love smoke and fog

can’t I not love fear and god

I got lost in the Aliquippa smog

and I’ve never know about wishes or incantations to begin with

But I’ll rub that bottle without shame

I don’t want to go back to my campsite

I can feel the glory

that comes with my stories

I’m advanced like back pains

Wine by the fire

I’m the only one present

My cave is a maze of passion

I’m looking longing waiting

hoping and somehow not pacing

I’ve burnt up the past

an offering onto myself

A chance to go forward without pain or regret

I won’t allow myself another memory

Raccoon Lake is the new beginning

into the flames I cast new law

Fire gets hotter

when it consumes

It’s such a fear inducing concept

Lake of fire

drowning in fire

No end no death just torment

I ransack my own campsite

like my life

I’m allergic to success

like my life

I’m a fire charmer

addicted to glamour

I who love so much

I who fear so much


the thought that I never became

The foliage

that ran down the drain

The Tokyo or California sun

that never rose or went down

I’m the abortion of Mother Earth

I became new love in the after birth

Photos pull over and kill your self

you don’t have any evidence on me

My wife is in the triangle

that’s all of the cadence I’ll ever need

We went into the deep end

Buffalo Rochester Niagara

we’re good enough for me

Photo is wrought with a stench that’s a mixture

of burning oil burning rubber burning drugs

Poison stream from dye machines

I know how things look from the 11th floor

how they feel in the cold rains

The buildings even look like camera heads and cartridges

like you could flip them upside down and sanp them into Pleasant Valley

and get some desired function out of them

Rochester looks like Christmas lights

on Christmas night looking down Main St

This city has invented

so many babes for combat

so many slaves to slough at

so many chains

so many things

that I can steal back

Image cap

on the heels of Niagara Falls

in the back of Finger Lakes

inside the Gennesse River

Drunk on Lake Ontario

what/where else would I be

Rum on mahogany

glass on lips

burping as we slip

into the negative

A color like a grenade

You can be big time

and have mistakes

(You have to)

Blimps on the ESB

I rest my case

I’ve got Muddy Waters

I’ve got Chuck Berry

I can see out of one eye

at least

Street lights like street fights

going into the Gennessee

Lord have mercy on me

my momma left little money to me

and my father left none

I’lll need to seek it

under the bridge

Living in piss alley

with Kodak as the ally

they will never be


Drazy (2015)

I’m so high

stuck in an apricot sky

I’m drazy

You hair is the heather

you are the first woman

You are what Eve was supposed to be

half breed daughter of Mother Earth

You’re drazy

I mouthed words, the first spells

I inhaled the wispy florescent car and streetlights

I feel a hum as you radiate with the world

we as shards on a shell

We’re drazy

I’m on a bench behind Denney’s

untied boots, girl in lap, bottle in hand

We leave towards the Tuscarawas River

the storm throws us up like a blanket

It’s hard to walk even hand in hand

in this toxic land


You were my lover

for so long

You made it

into every book and song

I was just stopping by to see

if you wanted to spend your life with me

I’ll never miss a kiss

or a chance to embrace

You get me

like hot whiskey

I’m a nightmare

right on through

I’m a nightmare

looking at you

How many times

do I have to quote myself? LOL

That’s my life

just me and my wife

Love breeds

like shadows

I wanna

set you free

I’ve got a lover for a roommate

my face is a roadmap of hate

It’s in my gaze

it’s in my age

Make sure you don’t

give me too much rum

I’m on the run

looking for a gang to join

Wannbe my sack and cloth?

This film’s too old to use

it’s the latest fashion of self abuse

It’s hipster like retro drugs

retro rehabs, retro kidnaps

Still on the West side still

and I don’t know why

Still on the West side still

and who the fuck am I?

Still on the West side still

and I’m still alive

Still on the West side

why don’t I get out?

I’m all out of orgasms

listening to bird songs

Getting them all wrong

like I’m singing for the Vietcong


don’t blow me up

My other girl

won’t do shit for me

My head’s so sharp

I turned around and cut my head off

I’m real dope I sell salads like lasagna

Open that sack

like we’re bringing 98 back

Trying to be a gangster, killer or dealer

is how you get Doc Martened up

These thugs are so fucking phony

even their girls can’t feel where their guns are kept

I go where the fuck I want

I’m in Penguin signing autographs

I’m already there

I’m just a gambler

from the other side of town

Why are you trying

to put me down

I must’ve tipped my hand

when all I wanted was to leave this land

I’m just a gambler

from the other side of town

I’ve lived where I don’t belong

been judged by false perception

I love my enemies

because they give me peace

Some use

even if it’s marginal


something to see

They throw feces

and it smells like piss

But I need the antidote

for our disease

It’s alcohol

been drinking it by the seas

It’s marijuana

drugged by legality

I got what I believe

songs of dark beautiful symphony

My head is full of rum

face covered in sun

I have a story

for each and every one of these crooked streets

My mind is a time machine

I’m a waste of money

a can’t use me honey

I have the beauty

that marks me for life

Let me in

like I’m broke

Siphoning the hose of gin

maybe I’m god coming back again

No beer

but I’m still cold

Fruits of the coca

but I’m still calm

Maybe I’m street slang

like a shooting range

Now I’m in a race

with plagiarist from Dayton

But I got a headstart

I know where I’m going

I know where I’ve been

I know I’ve failed before

Hell you should know

you read all of my shit before you ripped it


I’ve got problems

and my problems got problems

And you’ve made it on my list

secret enemy I incurred

We really got problems

because I don’t have time

You stole it from me

18 years

I want the wind in my face

I’m a disgrace

I embrace the shit

that’s been shoved in my face

I know now that I can be arrested

for listening to music at 11AM

That’s not a race thing

that’s fucking bullshit

Traffic swims by the window

roll up and pass this

As I lose my teeth

I come to my knees

I love groping my wounds

I’m attached to them

like they are anxiety swimming over me

I fear asking the people

that I know have the answers

I have 3 options

I think I’ll take the fence

I should be kicked out of here

I don’t want anybody

looking in my window at me


Data Is Existence (2015)

Data is existence

data is fame

Data is heartbeat

data is blame

You can measure the things I’ve done

with stats of miles, minutes and volume

I keep going back to the source

I don’t wanna change

so I ain’t gonna

Data is rhythm

data is blues

Data is psalms

data is proverbs

You can preach

and you can teach

You can reach

and you can leech

Aint gonna catch my pot of gold

I’m a fucking orgasm

Data is perversion

data is pain

Data is deliverance

data is muse

I love my lover

cause I got no other

I’d rather love my friends

but they are on the losing end of lethal injection

I have to fight

for what I am

I’m schizophrenic to the core

It’s worth it

I don’t need a drink

I don’t need a drug

I don’t need a girl

I’m happy where I die

but I want something more

I’m a Fairlawn god

I’m a bourgeois death

I’ll take it up a notch

Even in art gallery

I know that I don’t belong

That I have a raggy song

Now she’s gone

and I want it more than ever

I limp through a stained room

as I try to hide from the sonic boom

The house bellows like a movie demon

in this hard rain

Been laying on a hard floor

picking locked doors

Making all kinds of claims

I can’t afford

Making my life illegal

like a wino on fraud

So you’re the one

that’s gonna shoot me down like a dog

Where do you work

Where are you from

I always wanna know my competition

I wanna know the deal

I’m a masochist

I’ll be calling on you

when I lose

I always knew

somebody was gonna catch me

I always knew

I was going to get what I deserved

Some Brutus that chooses

gonna give me the news

I’ll be calling on you

win or lose

I got into position

for the kill

I knelt at your knees

while you pulled the trigger writing history

Losing as a lower form of life

I’m dying as I bloom

I’ll be calling on you

wither I bloom

As glass slides across the sin…

I want that pain real slow

I want it to last

You keep me out of trouble

You know how to soul cleanse

I don’t need sleep or weed

I like feeling like

I’m doing nothing wrong

I’m sure the property manager

is gonna come after me

I pass out

like I’m on a throne all alone

But I’m leaving

like a fucking army

Stomping dead shit skulls

under my heels

I’m break dancing

like I might get healed

Electric friends

hanging on the wire

Catching lightning

in a moonshine jar

I hope they all fall off their ladders

and land on the same fucking wagon

Or get ran over

by their own caravan

I smash dead roses

until they become maggots

I have a fist like Thor’s hammer

Livin on the edge of a shotgun barrel

My worst fear is having you think

I’m just like any other man

Your arms give me refuge from myself

what is used is tried and true

Looking into candlelight

like peering out a window on the 3rd floor

You are gene

and you are gene

and you are gene

Something the night has never seen

Like a beam the spotlight on you

tiny love machine

I’ll suck your energy like a whore

let’s ride out

The Muskingham River is in my eyes

and I have you by my side


I lay my head down

like a sculpture at work

Like a satisfied dick

I fuck for the lonely

I think I’ll mourn my orgasm

I think I’ll get a grip

I’m the best ever

at putting pen to paper

Like Poseidon commanding the sea

I’d still protect you

but someone else is calling my name

I’m in your scream

I didn’t want to lead you on

Didn’t I say that already

a million times or not at all

I’m vague in my grief

I’m in my fall down days

like an old man without a cane or walker

I can outlast anyone

because I do nothing

No right no wrong

so you know that god is looking to get me

I give myself to everything

it’s how I stay in tact

I want to be completely kinked out

but you have to self sufficient for that

I’m taunting you from my jail cell

We can’t look down

we can’t look back

We can’t look down

we can’t look back

We can’t look down

we can’t look back

Too many lies

too many times

That’s what she gave me


On to Fairlawn (2015)

Making it between moons and suns

Sex defines too much of us

who cares if you have too much

Is it a sin to be emotionally obese?

I’m always a coward in my dreams

I devour everything in sight

like a starnose molerat

I spit out what I don’t like

and get more of what I do

This world is a stockade of misery

it’s all snoring and drunkenness

People waiting in line

to buy make-up and ridiculousness

We have no natural light

Men ridden with disease

board ships to plant flags

They steal gold and push god

Natives have no clue what language they speak

but they understand the aggression and greed

It’s all religion mutiny and venereal disease

And men that won’t give up

even though they have clearly gone the wrong way

It’s like striking cold iron

I revolve around the sun

Not because I want to

but because I have to

I’m like a car wreck

not like the cliché

But the energy of the impact

not the sideshow that surrounds it

O Cleo

I can’t call you anymore

Our phone got shut off

We couldn’t pay the bill

Daddy ran it up

trying to see the future

I miss you so Cleo

O Cleo

I can’t see you again

The church said it’s bad

We didn’t pay our tithes

Now they won’t bless us

because we aren’t married

It’s whatever they say Cleo

O Cleo

I can’t love you like I did

Your mother doesn’t approve

She keeps telling me this

I don’t have the money

to get us out of this town

We have no rights Cleo

I sit in the heat

while you stand in the snow

You’ve starved

so that I can eat

And here I am

wishing I didn’t give a damn

I always smell like whiskey and sex

blood and death

What we had is gone

I’m moving on

The love we had

the good the bad

I’ll miss your face

but we’ve run our race

She was a pest

always pawing at me

always crawling on me

always calling me

She wanted to be abused

but I wouldn’t give it to her

I lower my gaze for no one

The leaves run up the trees

as bloody exposed veins

A marigold canopy mimicking

the yellow fire hydrants

An apex of colors

hangs over an urban orchard

The dilapidated city is a drug field

I’d rather sit in the back with her

than be in the front with you

She kept me alive at times

when we were together

You’d charge me to open a can of beans

or at least keep a mental note of it

You overthought it

You thought I was going to leech off of you or use you

In reality I needed help but wouldn’t ask you for shit

Because I didn’t need you

You had people thinking that I was crazy

I don’t care what people think

But I don’t want people thinking that I am jealous or possessive

because I’m not

I want to be known for what I am

a man that don’t give a damn

Looking into your eyes

was like looking into an electrical outlet

I can see your ribcage

as if you were being x-rayed

There’s always a survivor

in a suicide pact

I’m a rock ‘n’ roller

I’m the one and only

the first and last

I feel like

there is someone right behind me

I always run like

there is someone chasing me

I don’t give a damn

how I look in that manner

The only time I am supposed to be “embarrassed”

is when I’m drunk and arrogant

Social faux pas…

I destroy society like a bansaw

I hear footsteps

scratching across the snow

I know they’re coming to bust my love

steal my drugs

I’m just a slug that’s a stain

but I embrace these catacombs

Winter is the curfew of my soul

The wind chimes are the only signs of life

in the Arctic season

I’m lucky

without appointments and acquaintances

The snow is selfish

Been painting W Market St with words

been doing it for years

The colonial houses and golf courses

Plazas with postmodern architecture

filled with small businesses

Student housing surrounds corner stores

White paint covers black graffiti

you can still see through

Slush and mud seem to accumulate more here

She is endless

like water like purpose

She tastes like what I want

there really is no word for it

She is the artist of the morning fog

the creator of divinity

Because she spreads her legs

the Earth moves

It’s so hard to leave it at that

Can’t we make up and go back

Change what we did

fix what we missed

You said that all you wanted was a family

Well me too

maybe it can be that way someday

A hairspray bottle

sounds like a bird calling

There is no difference

between the city and the wild

I can’t separate the 2

It’s all cars hitting deer

and dogs eating children

Dogs are the lowest form of life

and I should know

I am a dog

Someone gave me a license to piss and shit in the streets

But it’s my drool and slobber that you can smell

even outside in the cold

I always feel like I’m

about to be electrocuted for my actions

The washer sounds like death metal

There’s the dripping of the melting winter

there’s water all around me

Home of LeBron James

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

2012 NBA Champion

2012 NBA MVP

2003-2004 NBA Rookie of the Year

Bridgestone World Golf Tournament

Revere Rd/W Market St

The snow pours down

like gypsy rain

I’m standing on a street with no name

Just waiting on a bus

to come in between gusts of spirits

Times inches along

during the heartbreak

And even a long shower

take only 20 minutes

I wish every moment could as soothing

as something like a cleansing

Instead we find ways

to waste our time on other perversions

I’m homesick

but I haven’t got a home

I wish I could call

but I haven’t got a phone

The snow is so high

that it’s below zero

Used to have a wife

now I have a mistress

Ought to have a will

but I know I’m gonna miss it


God Dreams (2014)

I’m bathing in milk

with a certain kind of guilt

Until you came along

there was nothing but an empty song

I said “glory glory Hallelujah”

when I first laid eyes on ya

But I don’t want to be

that man that I told you I did

I’m a terror in the streets

and I like it

I’m never faking being sick

I’m not calling off to anyone anymore

Now I’m wiser than sin

all alone but not alone enough

Now I’m wiser than the signs

so old but not old enough

It’s like when the sun is blotted out from the sky

It comes back but it’s never the same

never the same

I can move like a spectre

and talk like an actor

I can groove in the amphitheater

and stalk like I’m backwards

I am the reading between 2 lines

I’ll leave a lighter and some rolling papers

I feel good

though I over did it

They are holy today

but maybe not tomorrow

You gave them the ingredients

assuming they will follow the recipe

It’s frightening to think

that anything is possible

I’m a shooting star and a quasar

I’m not waiting around biding my time

I’m searching til I find

the knowledge that kills me

And everyone knows

god is a giant hyper black hole

I’m trapped inside a cage of cameras

Every bar has is an eye

and 2 more are peering in between them

I’m at the mercy of other’s feelings

I don’t understand why I can’t just be

These women have me under lock and key

I’ve got brain pains again

I’ve never been in a stiffer coffin

or in a darker tomb

Rebel on a comet

hurt by most

Let me feel your muscle

while I’m in the stranglehold

Don’t even live it’s all been foretold

he’s coming back to get ya

Like forgotten goods at a trading post

you wait in the cold

These scars have been labored over

Then they took the pillow

on which he had his dying breath

And held it up as glorious

even though he only used it once

The sink of the crown

is filling up on falling jewels

I get so excited

I’ve always got to lose

Willie Mays ruined my pay

They took it from the gamblers

and gave it to the blacks

Now the revolution

will never get it back

The noose slipped loose

so I’m lying on the pavement

Leave me with a death sentence

My arms are tied

and the mob has lied about this lynching

I’m a trailer park nigger at heart

I lie in the slave field

and let my hos do the workin

I’m gonna fuck your teeth


I’m walking gangrene

like a choir in peace

Poverty chastity and obedience

my ass

She’s my black chapel love

I can’t take her anywhere

nobody likes her

Like clothes drying in sappy trees

I have to hide

when I’m with her

I don’t love

the one I’m with

I love

the one I miss

But you didn’t think

that I’d go 180 miles away

just for a couple of lines?

I invented this shit

this kind of hopelessness

Playing Russian roulette

in a shotgun shack

With whiskey as a rifle

and doobies for my bullets

I’m a human cordyceps

I get inside you

and make you defeat yourself

I’m burning in the Hope Furnace

Doing the carnal

under the dark ignorance of god

The skins are hanging

because the kill is playing

It’s all uphill and I’m slipping in the darkness

and not knowing the difference between

land and water

I’m a mystified whiskey eyed

kind of demon

The land I explore

is so remote it has no name

Nothing can stop me

except rangers and dreams

Even the moon is gone

and the path is wet with fallen leaves

I fear nothing now

that I am the best

I’m growing horns

and I know what I am

Just a pale gem

in the master’s bed

Just a stale germ

in the master’s head

I’ve got bats in my eyes

This nightmare of nothing

drones on reoccurring

I’m flaccid in my broke hell

I don’t know why I came

I don’t even know what I am

Matter or energy of some kind

all of the rest is a mystery

I’ll be Caligula

you can be Drusilla

Only Zeus and Isis

can be above us

The world is our temple

and our playground

I need more elixir

The wheel at the stern

is getting stiffer

Knowledge is the waves

covering the ship deck

I’m an alchemist

all fire and gold

I’m a pharmacist

I left my knowledge in my lab

but I locked myself out

Scrying at myself in a mirror

Went looking for wisdom

and found a jail cell

Wound up on the gallows

ended up with nothing but feathers

I took a bunch of morphine

now I’m having god dreams

I had a revival of the senses this year

I feel young again

unfulfilled again

These were my favorite times

the dangerous times

Around the innerbelt

burnt out buildings mark the way

I’ve been dumb

and stood up front

But the view wasn’t worth dying for

wasn’t worth anything

The citizens walk by

wearing pollution suits and rust belts

Tugboats and brick chimneys

paint the river

The fracking for oil

is a metronome for the city

Federal and State buildings

lean over shoulders like a corrupt cop

I don’t ever want to lose the muse

or the chance to choose

I want to be a megastar

that suicides when the fuel burns up inside

I’ll never forget my starting position

or change my posture

Just a future on a flagpole

just a servant in a time hold

Waves were picked up

from Lake Erie

Mixed with snow

and then dumped on the shores

of Western New York

I listen to MC5 when I’m bored

and GG when I’m mad

I don’t give a fuck about county jail

I’m always going back

like Bobby Beller and a junky full of smack

I’ll get down

I’m all around

Give me a mirror to spit in

and one to forgive in

I’m on a roll

like I’m a tax on a confession box

I’d never fake my own death

so long as my brother is still alive

But I do love how dark a hotel room is

not a stitch of light gets in

Maybe I’m not so glamorous

but I don’t really give a damn

I’m having fun

even though I’m not supposed to


Rattus Norvegicus (2014)

I’ll lie in anybody else’s bed

but not just anybody can lie in mine

I make the rules

and break em

But I hold you accountable

for everything you do

Everywhere I go

I pass a place I used to live

Or an institution

where I got an education

Or a place of business

where I got held up for my youth

I’m a hostage to my memories

like a vehicle spilled out in the middle of the streets

I’m one blow job from hell

I can feel the stroke on my face

I’m dead and alive

I’m at one with the spirit world

This is my N.D.E

my ultrareality

I wanna join the murderclub

Do I have the credentials

I pray for life in this dark sanctuary

The road I’m travelling

has been flooded in sewer water

Drown in leaves and muck

I push through

I need no detour

I’m never going back the way I came

I don’t believe in retracing my steps

It’s hard enough to look back and wonder

I’m confused

like I’m caught between seasons

Like a hermaphrodite

that’s addicted to surgery

I’ve survived

and there’s no reason

Train horns become songs

in the autumn breeze…

You see I ain’t so hot neither mamma

I’m missing teeth

and have said some things I shouldn’t have said

But there’s a party goin’ on

And I don’t know who started it

but I gonna finish it

I’m all about that best

about that best

about that best

Now trouble

There are times

when all of the pain comes together

like a toxic orgasm

This is where I’m born

It’s where I want to be

missing feelings and lost

Staring into the sun

because only the blind can see god

I’m black and white

like a race war

Lynch me

stone me

rob and rape me

There’s no murder in my nativity

I burnt all of the natives

so I could erect my nativity scene

There’s a séance in my front lawn

like a burning cross

I think I’ll keep it on

wood and fire are supposed to mean something

I think I’m supposed to run

But I’m so dumb

I don’t know terror

I only fear what got me here

I’m hot like a dead body


I’m an acquired taste

I only admire what I don’t have

I’m devoid only of what I desire

Needless like a plane ride through Akron

I worship the fall of my holy hospital

The streets never got me down

never wore me out

I never got old

I’ll never self implode

I can make it out of any fire

Even though

I have a Judas on my payroll

I’m lonely like a star

My light’s so bright

others won’t come near it

I burn what I touch

and blind what I see

I write about defeat

because I’m going to write about victory

some day

You were my Jesus Christ

I’d walk with you anywhere

down any street

You could stop bullets

But you just couldn’t help yourself

I don’t understand how someone so tall

can fall down so hard so many times

There must’ve been shadows painted on your glasses

because you just couldn’t see

I keep making mistakes

and falling down

and cutting my dick

and biting my lip

And all I care about

is walking

and fucking

and speaking

I’ve torn at myself

like I deserve a flogging

And I think I’ve left myself short

this has never happened before

I’m a cheat

Even if I’m not in a relationship

or at a card table

I cheat to win

that’s my nature

That’s just what is inside of me

I don’t walk on my lip

like an obese man

I don’t pray

because I feel I look ugly when I look up

There’s a fire that burns inside of me

It will never be extinguished

It’s powered by a deep sense of injustice

I’ll never let it go

It’s my soul and everything attached to it

If I cut the string I’m gone

It’s like I’m hanging from a cartoon balloon

and I have the sharpest claws

I killed the prom queen

and fucked the porn queen

I am the fuck king

Broke like a bottle

but I still sing

“She likes it upside down

aerobatic like a sex magnet

Nobody’s got soul like that

nobody’s loves like that”

The bus smells like an aquarium

filled with bums

I held the door open

for my pharmacist

It was easy for him

I’ve got white skin

and brown eyes

I wasn’t going anywhere

Black skinned blue eyed Nepotism

Ebola E.coli

shove it up your brown eye

I ain’t afraid of shit guy

I don’t know what it feels like

to come up short

Or lay in the cradle

of the grave

You got me livin’

in a cat shit cemetery

It’s an assault on the senses

this moral punishment

I hate you Icon of Labor

Pussy’s aren’t as pretty

on the inside

They shut themselves

and slut themselves

Pussy’s aren’t as pink

on the inside

I know what time it is

I always know what time it is

My head is blasting

“Roam if you want to”

yeah but not with a hangover like this

And I’m living like a B-52

I hope you’re there

when I get home

I’ve missed you so much

I kept missing beats

My rhythm was held in check

by somebody else

I’ve made a year long mistake

I’m suicide without you

Like a school shooting

I’ve been shot in the head

and my heart is bruising

I can only be

one or the other

I’m the same person

all of the time

So you pick which me

you want me to be

I’m schizophrenic in my nature

please don’t let me be free

I’m not wise

and I am not a Christian

You not the grandmother of Jesus

nor do I want you to be

She’s no longer with us

The Catholics are casting shadows

as are the Penecostalists

But we aren’t in the shade

We’re basking in the light

of each other’s eyes

I’m a sensitive jerk

one that never loses

You call me by your exes name

now I’m going to fuck mine

I’ve hoarded so much sin

that my mirror is blocked

And I can’t move the shit in front of it

nobody is that strong

We stop traffic

to share a kiss

The thriving metro highway

roams behind us

We care not

Love songs by the river

in the autumn dew

of the Summit County dawn

You make me

wanna get it all back

Like it’s not lost

and not impossible

I almost gave up

waiting for you

Princess of paint

Queen of colors

Lady of light

Sister of shadows

Damsel of detail

Bringer of beauty

Madam of masters

Your love feels like surveillance

I felt stranded

when I was with you

I starved

while you ate food

Our union of summer is over

cold wind blows

cold wind blows

The rats are caged

and the bed’s still made

There’s no love here anymore

I’ve closed the door

cold wind blows

cold wind blows

Below I slip

into my fever ship

Alone with passion

never making it home again

Once we were hungry

now we are fools

drunk on the blood of molten gold

I AM Babylon

you fucking nigger

I have eyes like a funeral

God got me sick

god shall get me well

Got my drunk in the tank

got some smack in my cell

There’s some herb in the tree

blowing it’s light

You’ll have to pick up my lies

when I’m gone

I got colonial paranoia

and the heart of the lord

This all comes from you

You the adulterer

you the liar

you the mistress of wedlock

you the Christian

The Christian?

that’s an insult

You the whore

you the abuser

you the bully

you the example

The example?

that’s an embarrassment

You the gossiper

you the idler

you they hypocrite

you the weak

This all comes from you

I smile and wave

at my neighbors

I hold the door open

for the ladies

I throw the football

with the children

I help the elderly

I do it with sincerity

I love my community


My neighbors call the police

The ladies sidestep me in the street

Mothers hold their children close

The elderly look away

Pernicious lies

I know not what’s been said


I’ve given the shirt off my back

when I was freezing

Because I love God

I’ve beaten women

and spit on my mother

Because I love God

Eyes open

a blade of grass springs

An egg breaks

the sun rises

I look down the dilapidated streets

They all look like

the open mouth of a devil

Give me the ace

(or the jack)

and I’ll pretend to know the difference

A house that creaks and moans

but never settles

I hold the smoke for so long

it evaporates in my lungs

Don’t bother to check my bed

I won’t be in it and it won’t be made

(unless she does it for me)

There are snakes in the closet

and monsters in my head

The claws in my eyes

won’t make it go away

(Even my rags have holes in them)

I feel like the son of man

Finally found my way

now I’m lost again

Like I’m trying to feel a buzz

that’s just not there

A rat with its head in a cap

trying to burrow further anyway

It’s irritating to see

that I’m addicted to movement

I pulsate so hard

my flesh flies off of me

I shake and piss and bleed

like an anxiety patient

I got a warning label on my head

like the mark of the beast

I’m rising out of the northeast

the bible got it wrong

Now I’m singing Satan’s song

I’m living where I deserve

in a trailer

in the ghetto

in a warzone

on the curb

It’s all numbers

multiplied as punishment

They want your whole existence

to be as painful as a hangnail

Holes in your skin

like divots in rotten wood

I’ve never crossed anyone

but I’m hanging like a lynching

I’m furthest from god

evicted from society

placed in this hell

I’m goatfaced

in my time of death

But a falling lamb

with every breath

Disease what I believe

overtake what I feed

Bellowing in the darkness

like a dragon with laryngitis

I’m sick with plague

I cry out like a liar

Decay to the seer

warrant to the chief

I’m sane to the meek

sex to a thief

Half and half

I’ve been boiled up

in a soup full of dreams

I consume all I bleed

I don’t even leave my semen

for the maggots

I kill all of the insects

and move like the sun

I hide in the shade

even when I’m tempted

I feel sick with reason

I’m a simpleton on vacation

My mind is free

and tastes like fire

I abandon my pigment

like a psycho on a wire

I fear nothing

like a fucking madman

I don’t know your name

though I’ll call you Disaster

I don’t give a good god damn

what’s been hiding in the couch

or in the basement

or in the closet

Let it all out like an opinion

I can speak against anything

The cage has been painted as my home

and I wore a white robe

until I had a flower for a sunlight

I’m the night of the mysterious

the gentleman of the devious

welcome to my lair of sin

It is above heaven

for all those to uphold

I’ve been bold in creating

this universe I live in

It is mine

it’s my Midas gold

I touch myself

and out comes pollution

I’m hobbled

like a loser on a wheel

Broken like the hand

of a gambler

at a table

off the handle

I plead sick with guilt

when I sing out to the court

I’m murder in my sadness

like a jester in a drunk state

I like a drug

on nicotine or caffeine

Something you ain’t ever seen

I’m smoking down cigarettes

like I’m the number 16

I’m filthy like a peasant

working on a fee

Matter of the deathswitch

madder than a hornet

You best believe me

like a church in worship

Does everything

have to be done with intention

Can’t there be any freedom

in our time of need

Do we have to walk our bloodlines

or is all we touch and see

Can you deranged or insane

when your heart’s heavy with numbness

Like you still don’t give a fuck

about shit you probably should